Getting Rid of Dark Circles with New Laser and Sclerotherapy Treatments


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Dark circles are caused by an increase in vascularity in the periorbital region. This is mainly due to loss of fat or vasodilation (a process by which veins enlarge). According to medical professionals, this vascularization may be caused by a wide-range of factors including; allergies, sinusitis, and many genetic considerations. Although it may be the most helpful to treat the underlying cause, it is often very difficult for sufferers to do this. Rob Darien, co-owner of, agrees. He says, “Searching for the personal cause of dark circles can be a very overwhelming process. " When a search in unsuccessful, he says that sufferers should consider two new treatments; periorbital sclerotherapy and vascular laser treatment.

Sclerotherapy is a very popular practice among vein clinics. It's widely known for its use in varicose veins (on the legs). However, it's also proven to be very effective in eliminating that “tired-look. " In a five-minute process, the doctor injects a solution into the vein causing little-to-no pain. This eventually causes the walls to collapse, and eventually shut. Darien says, “it leads to a 90-100% disappearance of the vein. " While very effective, this procedure is not always a dark circles “cure-all" and not all veins can be treated.

Although sclerotherapy around the eyes has proven to be very safe, some doctors are still hesitant-fearing adverse effects on the eye. So it is crucial that you ask your doctor for their credentials before committing to this or any other procedure.

Lasers have also proved helpful in reducing the dark areas around the eyes. New lasers are being introduced frequently and are better than ever! Currently, a vascular laser will provide a 40-75% improvement in reddish-purple areas around the eyes and will help shrink those unsightly veins!

Some dermatologists admit that two lasers are necessary in the treatment. (For example; both Lyra and Aura -both Gemini) while other doctors use a single laser such as the VBeam, or CoolGlide. Either way, most doctors agree that 4-6 treatments are necessary for visible results. The cost?-$200-500/treatment.

Ron Darien is the co-founder of which is a non-profit community for dark circles sufferers.


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