What's The Right Number When It Comes To An Amount of Protein?


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As we are bombarded daily by the latest and greatest diet fad and a constant barrage of weight loss-focused media we are often left hazy and confused about the definition of healthy eating. Carbs; no carbs; the right carbs; low fat; good fat; bad fat; trans fat; high protein; no white sugar. The list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that it’s so difficult to navigate these tricky waters of healthy eating.

But if you pare down the extraneous information and look behind the fads to find the facts, you’ll see that a healthy diet has a beauty that lies in simplicity.

Essentially, a healthy, effective diet that will ensure you a lifetime of vitality encompasses the intake of the proper combination of nutrients. Protein in particular plays a significant role in the production of healthy cells. Experts agree that the total amount of protein that should be ingested on a daily basis settles somewhere around 20%.

However the specific amount of protein you ingest also depends on your particular body type, weight, gender, and level of physical activity. Someone who is physically active and invested in building muscle mass must consume a greater amount of protein than the average person.

There are several dietary sources from which to receive the appropriate amount of protein. Lean meats, dairy, nuts and seeds, and many leafy green vegetables provide an excellent source of protein.

For vegetarians, soy, dairy, and vegetable product consumption should be increased to ensure the appropriate amount of protein.

If you are unsure as to the specific amount of protein that you should consume, it may be best to visit with your doctor or a licensed nutritionist. A medical professional will be able to guide in the best direction for dietary health.

Additionally, there are a great number of comprehensive books written to help navigate the complexities of healthy eating. You’ll be able to get a firm idea of the amount of protein you should ingest by pouring over these books. Online resources also exist to help you get started on your dietary journey. You will also have access to a vast community of others who are committed to healthy eating; the support can be enormously gratifying.

The amount of protein you should consume is like any other dietary recommendation. It’s a starting point – a guide – to help you determine what is best for your particular body. Using information resources, along with the help of a medical professional if needed, you’ll be well on your way to better health.

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