Breakthrough Chest Exercises to Break Your Mold


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What kind of body are you looking for? Are you the one that has almost no chest at all? Do you watch people that are using weights that you couldn’t get off of your chest, even if the gym were on fire, and envy them? Perhaps you’re someone with a large chest, but are looking for the chest exercises to give you the cuts and lines in your chest to give you that chiseled look? Whether you’re one of the two people mentioned above, or if you’re at an intermediate level, I am going to give you the chest exercises to get the chest that you want as well as increase your overall chest strength levels.

Here are the chest exercises for warming yourself up for chest exercises in the gym, or simply for days that you can’t get into the gym. I was a 153 pound weakling when I graduated from high school. I was tall, about 6’1", with long arms which made matters even worse when it came to weight lifting. The only thing that gave me the “arm up", when it finally came to the time for me to take on weights in the gym, was boot camp. No, I’m not saying that you have to enlist in the military to succeed. I’m saying that you need to do the below chest exercises, the same that I did for 12 weeks straight, before you tackle weight training in the gym. When you are performing these chest exercises with ease, then you are ready to move into weight training. Or, for more advanced enthusiasts, these chest exercises should be used to supplement your weekly workouts.

The preliminary chest exercises that you need to do, you can do anywhere. For the first chest exercise, you start with the standard push-up. Hands must be shoulder-width apart, keeping your back straight and rigid at all times, and start with as many as you can do. For the next chest exercise, set your feet up on a chair, bed, or on the stairs and place your hands at the push-up position. Push your body up as you would a regular push-up. This incline push up simulates the incline bench press, will work your upper chest cut and strength. The final preparatory chest exercise is the decline push-up. For this, I usually use a stairwell. Place your hands at the push-up position on the second or third step, depending on your height, and do a set of push-ups. This will simulate the decline bench press, and will work your lower chest. Ensure that you flex your chest appropriately during each exercise to ensure proper muscle development.

Now lets move you up with some advanced preliminary chest exercises. These chest exercises will be a little more difficult, and some people may only be able to do two or three repetitions on their first attempt. Over time, however, your strength level will build and you will be able to do more of each of the listed chest exercises per set. You will perform the exact same chest exercises listed above, but with a small difference. Instead of having your hands at shoulder width, you will use the “little diamond" hand placement. This is accomplished by placing your hands on the floor adjoining your left and right index finger with one another, and your left and right thumbs to one another, so that the space in the middle of your hands form a small diamond. Next, get down into a push-up position, so that your hands are resting underneath your pectoral muscles, and do as many as you can for the set.

Utilization of these chest exercises will give you significant improvement of your overall chest shape and strength levels. I have utilized them for years, on and off. First, they were used to build my strength levels so that I could effectively perform my military duties. Later, they were used as a weight training supplement to give my chest the extra strength and shape that I wanted. I have utilized many other body training exercises, and you will be able to find out more about my fitness tuning techniques at the link listed below. Through my free membership program, I will give you the fitness tuning information to help you to build and develop your chest and to finally break your mold!

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