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Stephanie McIntyre

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It can be a tough thing to deal with: watching day by day while you slowly lose your hair. Some of the most well-adjusted and highly functional men in the world sometimes have a hard time coming to terms with it. Today of course, there are ways to deal successfully with, or to treat male pattern baldness, that weren't’ available in the past. But one method of “replacing" hair that was available in times past remains as perhaps, the strangest choice of all. The combover.

The world of the combover is a special place of fantasy and denial of the sort usually reserved for religion. This is almost a hair-covering-my-head- any-way-I-can type of approach. The guy who wears one has to make believe that it actually adds to his appearance, and the people that he interacts with have to act like it's not there.

To a very large extent, we all play along with the combover game. We vote for men who run for office sporting combovers, and we admire those high-powered moguls who let the hair grow long and flip it for coverage. We never seem to question what this particular choice of hairstyles is saying to us about these otherwise supremely confident, competent and capable men.

How exactly does a rational man reach the conclusion that of all possible hair replacement solutions, the combover is the best one to go with? Is it just an impulse or a decision arrived at after careful research and examination of all available fixes for baldness? Have they tried other means of coverage and one by one eliminated them all, until the combover is the last one standing?

And do the wealthy and powerful have hairdressers that do all that they can to try and disguise what's obvious: that the guy grew one side of his hair super long, and then flipped it over to cover his chrome. Do hairdressers that work on the combover elite get together and trade stories and secrets? Are they bound by non-disclosure clauses never to reveal what everybody knows: that the man whose hair they do has a foot long flip job?

I would give anything to see a TV show where several men with this particular hairstyle were interviewed to get at the psychology behind their decision. And also to find out how often they get looks or comments from the people they encounter. It's hard to imagine that one could wear such a thing day after day, and never receive a gasp or a direct query about it.

And it would be gratifying to see some interviewer question one of the aforementioned rich and powerful along these lines. Find out from him if anyone dares to comment on, or question his choice. And if so, would this man try to crush this person for his or her audacity.

Seriously though, guys who wear combovers shouldn't be ridiculed for it. Going bald or being bald is not an easy thing for most men to deal with. It can be one of the most emotional experiences a man has in his life. And like all emotional experiences, our reactions are not always understandably rational. And some of us are better equipped to deal with it than others.

For those men who have, for one reason or another, decided that of all the possible hair choices, the combover is the best one for them, it's OK - there's nothing inherently wrong with it. Or them.

Stephanie McIntyre has been a Platinum eBay Powerseller, an eBay Trading Assistant as well as an Educational Assistant trained by eBay. Her company, eSales Unlimited Inc. specializes in training small business owners in using eBay as an additional revenue stream. She maintains a site with information on selling on eBay.


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