Which Diet Works Best On Achieving Fat Loss?


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Of the many keys to permanent fat loss it is probably the lesser ingestion of insulin producing foods that leads to fat loss. This is coupled with a potent exercise routine will ensure clear results. Insulin as an essential FAT storage hormone if properly manipulated through dietary variables it will lead to fat loss.

To lose that unwanted fat and to get in shape, one cannot pick up one regimen and forego another. Diet and exercise works hand in hand. Starvation diets deprive the body of its essential water and muscular stature. Withholding calories from the body even for a few hours are activates the body into a starvation mode, which tends to reduce the rate at which fat is burned. When the body reverts back to its normal mode, the fat percentage will actually increase. Your weight will most likely drop, but you have actually deprived your body with the essential need for fluids which after reverting to its normal quantities rapidly increases body fat. The infamous “yo-yo” syndrome that focuses on starvation is actually detrimental to your goal of fat loss.

Caloric restriction and improper meal composition can actually push one to consume a larger quantity of food, while consistently losing weight. One should not over-eat or stuff oneself with junk if the goal is fat loss, but rather consume sufficient food to feel satisfied. Restrictive food plans may automatically prompt the body to slow the rate at which it burns energy but it literally dissolves all chance of body fat reduction. High carbohydrate diet also produces an ineffective response since high carbohydrate ingestion suppresses fat burning hormones that prevents the release and breakdown of stored calories or fat. The only enzymes produced through a high carbohydrate diet are the fat storing insulin that actually promotes weight gain!

Some diets are unrealistic and even counterproductive over a long period. Often fat loss returns when the strategy is abandoned. Such diet routines turn life into a fruitless ordeal that only leads to further frustration, and long term failure. Instead seek a diet that has foods that produce less insulin and foods that gives the right amount of calories that you need to burn fat through a disciplined and well planned exercise routine. With this you are well on your way to see fat burn away. . . CONTINUE

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which diet works best on achieving fat loss

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