The Anxiety Depression Connection

Ryan Puusaari

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Depression is normally thought of as a low energy state of being and is often times linked with a partner in crime known as. . . anxiety.

Depending on the individual case at hand, depressed individuals, over time may develop feelings of helplessness about being depressed all of the time; so they end up suffering from feelings of anxiety.

And then. . . other times it is the anxiety that arrives first. Over time the anxiety begins to develop into depression. This occurs because the individual begins to feel as though they are trapped into these anxious feelings with no way to escape.

As a general rule of thumb however, depression and anxiety disorders are two completely separate entities. Often times, the two can become confused due to the similarities in the way the two are treated.

A lot of times people suffering from the two disorders are prescribe the same anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

A recent University study found that 85% of all major depression cases, excluding bipolar disorder, are partnered up with symptoms of mild to acute anxiety.

For the most part, the anxiety portion of combination symptoms comes as a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder. They also found that 35% of this group had symptoms of panic disorder.

Anxiety and depression have been partnering up so often that they are considered to be the “linked twins" as far as the big mood disorders go. And sadly, when depression and anxiety combine forces they are often more powerful and harder to control.

A large number of people that suffer from the two disorders often claim that it is the anxiety that is the toughest. . . most lingering part of their ailment.

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