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Bulgaria is probably the corner stone of European civilisation and is also a place full of wonderful foods. These foods have so many different tastes and colours there is certainly something to wet the appetites of the most discerning palette. Bulgarian food ties western flavours with eastern spices to whip up a whirlwind of tastes to suit everyone.

From salads to desserts Bulgarian food will entice you and make you salivate at the thought of your next dish.

Below there is a normal three course meal that can be found in the homes of any Bulgarian family.

One of the most loved salads in Bulgaria that is used as a great starter for any meal is the Shopska salad; this salad has a great mix of peppers, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and Sirene cheese (very much like Greek Feta), parsley, oil and seasoning. When this is all mixed together it creates a dish that is vibrant in colour and melts in your mouth, perfect for any summer’s day.

A typical main course is stuffed peppers and Kufte. The peppers have there stalk cut out and the seeds taken from the inside, the pepper is then stuffed with a filling of choice from cheese, egg and bacon to rice and vegetables before the stork is put back on the seal the pepper and baked.

Kufte is a mouth watering Bulgarian meatball that is made mixing minced pork and lamb together with onion and spices before being flame grilled on a griddle. This tasty dish certainly is one you will wish to taste again.

For dessert there is a wonderful dish called pechena tikva which is baked pumpkin, while this may not sound like the most amazing dessert like cheese cake or something with chocolate this is really a tasty meal.

Another dessert to get your teeth in to if your have a sweet tooth is Halva. Halva is a confectionary sweet dish that not only has sugar in it; it is topped with honey, almonds and dried fruits. is a great guide to everything you need to know about the wonderful country Bulgaria and has recipes from Bulgarian Cuisine for all to create in the comfort of their own homes.


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