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During an emergency cash crunch you may be forced to consider taking out a payday loan. Loans such as this can be helpful when unforeseen needs arise. However, the interest and fees on these loans is extremely high and can mount up quickly. Before applying for a payday loan it is good to know just a little about them.

Interest rates – Interest rates on payday loans may not always be obvious. They are sometimes referred to as fees and not broken down by how much the actual interest may be over the life of the loan. Some annual percentage rates (APR) can climb to a staggering 700% or more.

Fees – There may be fees in addition to interest rate fees. A common fee is a rollover fee if the payment in full is not made. Such fees may be charged on top of the interest fees. Also, if you account is debited for a payment when funds are not available you will be accessed a charge on each end; i. e. , one from your bank and one from the payday loan company.

Your credit – Although most payday loan companies do not check your credit, an unpaid payday loan can have a severe adverse effect on your credit. If a loan is not paid off or if a payment made by debiting your account cannot be completed, you will most likely be reported not just to the credit agencies but to ChexSystems as well. Being in the ChexSystems database can prevent you from being able to open a bank account for several years.

Pay the loan off quickly – Most payday loan companies will allow you to pay just the fee portion of the loan. Some companies only permit a person to do this three times. Others may accept a rollover several times. Each time the loan balance is not paid in full additional fees are charged. If you are in the position of having to accept a payday loan, repay it in its entirety as soon as it is due.

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