Maximizing Your Income Minimizing Your Debt

George L Currie

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Are your debts mounting up, are you in a debt management plan, considering debt consolidation or do you just want to save up for that special something? Well here are some top tips on how to increase your household income.

  • Get a part-time job
  • This is something either you or your partner can do. Use all the money you earn through this extra work to pay off your debts. Do not use the extra money to treat yourself.
  • Overtime Find out if there is any overtime available and as above use this money solely for the purpose of lowering your debts.
  • Tax Credits
  • Contact the Inland Revenue to find out that you have all of your tax allowances that you are entitled to.
  • Child maintenance
  • If your former partner is not paying his share of his child's upkeep then contact the Child Support Agency for help. This is important as it may help keep a roof over you and your child's head.
  • Sell things
  • Everyone seems to buying and selling things on auction websites. If you have something, then try and sell it on ebay or in the local papers. You can sell anything, your children's hardly used shoes, DVD's, Playstation games, jewelery the list is only limited to your imagination. One thing though, make sure that you own the item you're about to sell.
  • Get a lodger
  • If you have any spare room then you can rent it out. You can get great tax benefits by doing this.

Many people often talk about earning extra money, but maximising your income requires action not talk. You need to clear your debt with this income so use every penny you earn this way to clear your debt. You must do this to ensure that is strategy is effective. Any time you think you deserve a treat, think about the debt you are trying to clear and the hard work involved in achieving that extra money. Also think about how long you have to work to buy that treat eg if you clear £7 per hour and want to buy a pair of shoes at £50, it would take nearly 8 hours of work to buy it. If you think about your purchases in that way you may well change your mind.

How good will it feel to free yourself from your debt? The solution is maximise your income and minimise your expenditure. Seek professional advice to formulate a plan to address your debt problem.

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