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Have you ever been turned down for a loan, a car, a house, credit card, all due to poor credit?

I have! And I was upset and depressed! And the reasons they gave me sucked even more. . . no credit, too little credit, enough credit but not enough income, poor score, too much debt, negative marks on your credit (30, 60, 120 days late), and the list goes on!

Well, after watching my score plummet to an all time low of 450 points, I finally realized I needed to do something about it. So, what did I do? First I researched as much as I could find on credit. I went to bookstores and read different credit repair books, then I went online and Googled “credit repair". WHOA! Talk about information overload. There are over 15 million websites devoted to this search term alone! Plenty of information for me!

After several days of no sleep and plenty of vanilla lattes. . . I was ready to begin the long hard journey of repairing the damage! Sure I looked at the possibility of Bankruptcy at one point, but I am not a quitter and I felt obligated to pay my debts. (side note: this isn't always the best action for everyone, but just the one I picked).

Here are my 7 steps to fix bad credit report repair

  1. Order your credit reports. Experian, Trans Union, Equifax are the big 3 Credit Bureaus. You can order them online and get instant viewing.
  2. Review each report for accuracy.
  3. Jot down discrepancies in your information on a separate sheet of paper. For example, take notes on incorrect addresses, birthdates, places of employment etc.
  4. Examine your pay history and take note of incorrect information. For example, 30 days late on a debt you have always paid on time.
  5. Gather all this information and get ready to begin repairs!
  6. Begin writing a letter to each of the credit bureaus that have problems or things you disagree with. You are going to want to list all the information that is wrong for each discrepancy in your letter.
  7. Mail the letters and be patient. Once the bureaus have researched your request, they will reply to you in writing with a copy of the changes made to your credit!
Additional Tips
  • Write letters rather than typing them.
  • Mail letters certified mail—proof that you mailed them in case they say you didn’t!
  • Be sure to you get correct address and employment information on your reports
If you follow this method I guarantee you will see results! It may take time, but keep at it! The results will vary but in the long run, having an accurate credit report is much better than a bad one! Good luck.

Eric Paton works in the auto world. He has a Masters in Business Administration and is passionate about personal credit. Wish to learn more, feel free to visit the


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