Day Trading Systems - Why Do You Never Get a Real Track Record?


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Day trading system are all over the net offering you fantastic opportunities to become yet, the odd fact is you never see any proof they work!


Because day trading simply doesn’t work!

Firstly, when we talk about a track record lets be clear about what we mean:

We mean a real ( THAT’S REAL DOLLARS ) made in the market over a long period of time say 2 or 3 years.

Not A hypothetical back tested one.

If we know the price data already it’s not hard to make a profit!

It’s funny how you never see a losing hypothetical track record – Wonder why?

The other trick is testimonials to support the system.

Their simply someone who has a lucky trade or a friend or relative of the vendor.

The real acid test is real money, made in the market over a long period of time.

So why don’t day trading systems work?

1. Price movement in a day is random

The fact is trillions of dollars are traded by millions of traders all with different aims and guess what?

The vast bulk have no interest in daily ranges.

The day trader takes his position and gets stopped out by random volatility, as support, resistance and daily pivot points don’t hold.

2. A rule of trading that always gets broken

Is to keep losses small and run profits to exceed losses.

Day traders certainly keep losses small and they take a lot of them, but that’s no problem - if you can run profits that are far bigger to compensate.

Of course, the day trader can’t do that, he is looking to scalp a few points and is generally happy with any profit.

So you have large number of losses, profits that are to small and this leads to an erosion and then a wipe out of equity.

Sorry forgot:

You need to add in higher than normal transaction costs, to add to losses and subtract from profits as well

Still not convinced?

Then ask for a day trader’s long term track record of real profits.

Day trading is one of the dumbest ways to trade – period.


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