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A b2b business is basically a buying and selling relationship between businesses. If this is the type of business that you are interested in setting up then there are several different ways that you can finance your b2b business investment. If you don’t have any assets to offer as collateral for your b2b financer then you can utilize venture capital. If you have some assets then you may want to consider utilizing subsidized business loans such as the SBA small business loan. If you have assets to use as collateral for financing your b2b venture then you can utilize these financial strategies to raise capital to launch your b2b business: traditional asset financing and leasing, private business loans, or invoice discounting.

One type of b2b business that is currently growing in popularity is b2b e-commerce. B2b e-commerce is basically on website that offers businesses a marketplace where they can buy and sell their products and services to other businesses. These sites are typically moderated by a single company who offers members of the site a place to list their raw materials, wholesale products, etc. to other businesses, as well as the technology to initiate and complete transactions online. These sites are a great place for businesses within a specific industry to share information, discuss trends and customer demands and to share industry related news.

There are two different types of b2b e-commerce exchanges. There is a public exchange which is open to any company that wants to join the exchange, and there are private exchanges which have restrictive membership policies. Public exchanges are good for companies that deal with commodity products, or for companies that are trying to find customers to buy their excess inventory. Private exchanges are typically used by businesses that prefer to deal within a more controlled environment. This type of exchange is also used by companies that want to preserve their profit margin by dealing with contracts and relationships with specific buyers instead of relying on lowball pricing wars driven by competition with a public exchange or within a local economy.

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