Ease Your High Interest Mortgage Burden with Refinance Mortgage


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While mortgage is a method of using your home or property as security against the loan lent you. Refinance mortgage gives you an option to use the same property as collateral and utilize the present low interest rates by refinancing it.

It serves as a boon to a mortgage borrower who has been paying high interest rates and is unable to bear the costs of loan payment. So with refinance mortgage you can lock the fixed interest rate if it’s lower than what you used to pay earlier. Pay off your credit card debts or you even have an option of consolidating more than two mortgages and merge them into one.

You actually apply for a secured loan in order to replace an existing high rate mortgage as against the same asset. Refinancing a home mortgage is quite popular due to its benefits to the borrowers.

Advantages of refinancing mortgage:

  • Refinance at a lower rate and bring down the reduced interest cost

  • Clear off all high interest debts

  • Cut down on the repayment term

  • Refinance and avail low fixed rate instead of your adjustable rates

  • If your equity rates have increased, liquidate them by refinancing

    Avoid risks involved in adjustable rate mortgage:

    If you predict that the mortgage rates will increase with the onset of time, you can make a right choice of refinancing it at a fixed rate. You take advantage of the present low rates freeze your interest rates at that. Switch over from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate.

    Reduced Interest Rate

    Save thousands of pounds over 30 years and also lower your monthly payments. When you freeze at a fixed rate, your interest will never go up inspite of fluctuating loan market it will remain the same as long as the mortgage exists. Even if others are paying off their mortgages at an astronomical rate you will pay less as you would have freezed at a lower rate.

    Interest is Tax Deductible.

    Interest on mortgage is tax deductible, but not your credit card interests. So if you borrow money through your credit card you can’t take advantage of tax deductibility. This implies that refinance mortgage will not only reduce down your interest but also ease your tax burden.

    Consolidate High Interest Loans

    By consolidating all your high interest loans and remortgaging it you win better rates. If you have equity which has had an increase in its value ever since you last pledged it, you can make use of the positive change in the equity. By consolidating those debts into one single low-interest payment, you can manage to pay off an entire range of high-risk loans and refinance your personal debt into a single second mortgage payment.

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    How to Refinance Your Mortgage with Wholesale Interest Rates
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