What is CRM or Customer Relationship Management?


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Worldwide companies nowdays having customer care center to provide support to their customers. Customer Relationship Management popularly known as a CRM. Business process outsourcing or BPO companies offering CRM through thier Callcenters. CRM created many many new Jobs and Business opportunities in BPO Industry. CRM also creating huge jobs opportunity in emerging industry of KPO or Knowledge Processing Outsourcing.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

When customers using products and services that time they needs lots of help from companies to know more about products and services. Companies setup customer care department where if customer calls then customer can get support to know about products.

Why Customer Relationship Management?

CRM is required in todays information driven knowledge economy. Companies can bring more buyers through satisfied customers. If customer use your companies products and services and if he/she get instant help from the company then he can encourage some more peoples to use your products and services. One satisfied customer can bring 100 more customers so that your customer care department also became your marketing department.

Benefits of CRM

  • Happy Customers
  • Satisfied customers cn bring more and more buyers through reference power.
How CRM or Customer Relationship Management software can help Companies?

Through CRM software every customer care executive can access customers products and services information. If customer calls for support that time customer care executive can update problems and provided support details which can helpful to provide support if customer calls again in future.

Yogesh Ahire is software consultant from Mumbai India. http://www.branch-automation.com and http://www.superbrand.co.in


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