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Most of you must already know that the data you save on your computer is being practically stored on media like magnetic disks, hard disks, RAID configurations of hard disks. Data can also ve stored on , floppy disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs and other types of media.

Generally speaking, data recovery is the process of restoring the data that has previously been stored on such media types, but, due to some sorry events, has become inaccessible or corrupt. There are many ways to destroy the data stored on hard disks or any other media type. Just think of the terrible damage that virus attacks can cause! Not to speak about accidents like floods or fires! Fortunately, there is hope! Mankind has developed several techniques in order to recover the missing or damaged data. The data can be recovered by means of hardware or software techniques, either by a simple user or, in the more serious cases, by a data recovery specialist.

The main helper in the matter of data recovery is the fact that a deleted file is not actually deleted from the storage media. You can only delete the entry in the index pointing to the actual location of the file that has been erased. Not many people are aware that the file itself is left intact! The only thing you must worry about is that any other activity one performs on that particular computer could endanger the data, as it can easily overwrite the location where the file was stored. This is the main reason why it is highly advisable to have a data recovery specialist attempt to solve such a problem, and not the inexperienced user.

Therefore, prevention is the key to all of your problems! Why get in trouble when you can avoid it! It is advisable to build up a disaster recovery plan and to always have backups done. Of course, these backups should be stored in another location than the main data.

Another useful tip would be immediately stopping whenever you believe that you have experienced any loss of data. Any software that you install or run on the computer can cause this problem, so make sure to report all your previous actions to the data recovery specialist. That is if you follow my advice and never try to recover the damaged data yourself! Otherwise no one will ever be able to save you!

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Data Recovery, Backup, Restoration, and Disaster Recovery – Definitions Merge
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