Nintendo Wii: Why It’s Perfect For The Holidays


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There are definitely two major reasons why the new and much-awaited Nintendo Wii is just simply perfect for the Holidays. For one, it’s launching and initial release into the gaming market could not have come at a better time. It will be released in the U. S. gaming market on November 19 and on December 2 for the Japanese market. It is just about the same time as the release of the new the Sony PS3 which gives the gaming customer - who is on the look out for a new video gaming console - the right time and chance to test two options at about the same time. Therefore, as a customer, you get the better gaming console of your choice.

The timely release of the Nintendo Wii is also perfect as gifts and presents for the Holidays. It is not unknown to many that some gamers are kids and teens who can not really afford to buy their own gaming consoles. Now, parents can have a little something to bargain their kids’ behavior – even if only until Christmas - with. Now, parents can have something to give their little gamers for the Holidays. The Nintendo Wii will cost only about $250 in the United States gaming market and about $213 in the Japanese market.

So what is there to expect from the Nintendo Wii? There will be software, upon release of Nintendo Wii, with an initial of 16 games in the Nintendo Wii. This will include “Wii Sports, " a package that will have games such as bowling, tennis, boxing and baseball. Nintendo will also be offering classic downloadable games for the entire family to enjoy.

With all these promises in one neat little package of video gaming console called the Nintendo Wii, there is simply no reason why the Nintendo Wii is not perfect for the Holidays!

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