How Is Web Conferencing Used Today?


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There are many different ways that web conferencing services are being used today.

Distance based learning, also known as E-learning is growing by leaps, and bounds today. Web conferencing software makes it real easy for students and instructors to meet in an interactive environment no matter where in the world they are. They also do not have to worry about security issues, as todays online conferencing solutions are using encryption algorithms to protect the integrity of there meets.

Business Conferencing is another area that web conferencing is becoming common place today. Companies that have offices that are located around the world can easily brainstorm with one another, securely share files, desk top sharing of live data, or just giving a presentation using PowerPoint.

This is saving companies money they would be spending on travel, and on lost productivity.

Telecommuting is another area that is hitting a big growth spike today. With more then 45 million Americans today working full or part time from the home, Studies have shown an actual increase in employee productivity when working at home, as well as a huge savings in travel time, to and from the office, and gas savings from not having to drive every day.

Web conferencing software can easily keep everyone in touch with one another just as if they were all in the same conference room together. Sharing ideas, data files, pictures, with no worry of having to use email to transmit any of these important documents.

Using it as an inter-office communications tool can also reduce the amount of email viruses that are plaguing both large and small business today. By using a secure system like this to transfer your files, you can reduce the chances of one of your employees accidently clicking on an attachment that was sent to them by some hacker or spammer. Even a 10% reduction in virus attacks today could save corporations million of dollars in lost revenue.

Sales and marketing departments can quickly, and easily hold live interactive multi-media presentations with customers, and clients located anywhere in the world, saving everyone involved travel time, and expenses.

Until recently using a web conferencing service was only affordable to large fortune 500 companies due to the costs involved but now there are alternatives to spending thousands of dollars a month for a conferencing solution that would only accommodate 100 to 200 people at a time.

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