Cell Phones – Important Factors To Consider

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Cell phones are hand-held telephone devices with built-in antennas. They are often called wireless, mobile, or PCS phones. They are popular with callers, especially those who are frequently on the go, since they can be carried easily from one place to another.

Basically, cell phones are two-way radios.

The most recent issue about cell phones is their perceived health hazards. As stated earlier, they are just like radios. However, to be more accurate, they are low-power, single-channel, two-way radio devices. When you talk on your cell phone, you are actually talking to a nearby base station. Base stations are low-power, multi-channel, two-way radios. Their function is to send your phone call into the regular land-line phone system so you can start talking with the person you are calling.

Now, since cell phones and their base stations are two-way radios, they produce radio-frequency (RF) energy which is what they use for communication. The scientific community both in the United States and internationally agree that the power from these cell phone base station antennas is far too low to produce health hazards and as long as people keep away from direct access to the antennas, they are safe from any perceived health risks.

Buying and Savings Tips

Cell phones are the “in" things nowadays and it’s hard not to find anyone without it. Many areas offer them for as low as $19.99. An excellent tactic to save is to only get features you need. Call your wireless provider to cancel extra features if you are not using them. This will allow you to save some on your cell phone service plan.

Camera Cell Phones

To be sure, cell phones are really the hottest new mobile gadgets in the marketplace these days. Never mind what sort of cell phone you have, whether it’s WAP-enabled, Bluetooth, or Infrared-based. Most of them in the market anyway have all these capabilities and more. There is no doubt that they have caught on like wildfire in the bushes. However, the popularity of mobile phones is hardly surprising.

Today’s cell phones can be used to do just about anything. Camera cell phones were first introduced in Japan several years ago. Camera cell phones immediately clicked in the Asian market. However, it was not until two years ago that they were marketed in the US and became available to the masses. Industry analysts say that a huge number of them were sold last year.

It may seem to you that a camera cell phone would be no different than having a regular phone and a camera. But if truth be told having a camera in your mobile phone makes for an entirely different experience.

Shopping for just the right cell phone plan can be a daunting task. Don’t let appearances fool you. If a plan appears too good to be true, then it probably is. That is why it is highly important for you, as a consumer, to be very vigilant when shopping for cell phone plans. Compare prices. Read the fine print. But most important of all, consider all the factors.

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