Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hand-on Review: Best smartphone of it's class!

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My first impressions, first few days in using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming from an iPhone 6S Plus and Nexus 6P before that. This is in no way a FULL review as I still have yet to use all the features, full test out the battery, camera, etc. There is just so much this phone can do! So far, this phone looks like a winner and I am really impressed with how far Samsung has come!

- Design is incredible. Hard to believe that this has a larger screen that the Plus and is physically smaller and lighter
- Always on Display seemed gimicky at first but it makes great desk clock and I already find it useful
- Fingerprint scanner is as fast as the iPhone's but I like the Nexus 6P's execution better
- Touch Wiz has been a pretty smooth experience. If you hate the cartoony looking icons, just go to the theme store and download a theme. I am using Material, which was free.
- Performance was slow at the beginning after installing a bunch of apps, but once that was done, everything now flies
- Feels great using my Moto 360 again, even though it's the first gen - Android Wear is light years ahead of Apple Watch

- I was a little squeamish in shutting off iMessage at first, but there are only two people I really iMessage anyway. Everyone else has WhatsApp, Facebook, and Hangouts. I got over it in 30 minutes.
- Being able to scribble notes right on the screen just by pulling out the SPEN without opening any apps or waking the phone has been a godsend. I've owned the phone for less than 24 hours and I have used it A LOT already. There are also a lot of other things you can do with the SPEN such as write on your screen shots, select and crop what you want to screenshot select and even translate text.
- I use both OSX and Windows with Chrome as my main browser. Chrome does an excellent job in integrating the experience (continuity) between your phone and Mac/PC. I have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome on my Mac, and then when I need to take a dump or something, I can just continue off what I'm reading on my phone
- Notification light: It changes everything.

- I had tacos for dinner and had food smears all over my phone but I didn't care. Just washed it all off in the sink and my Note 7 is all squeaky clean again
- Bluetooth performance was as good as any smartphone. Paired it with my LG Tone and watched Netflix at the gym. Sound and video was great
- Android Auto worked perfectly in my 2016 Volt. I like it a lot better than CarPlay
- Built in speaker isn't as bad as some reviews say that it is. Definitely could be better though but it is no worse than the iPhone's
- No issues with call quality, we hear each other loud and clear
- The fast charging (wired and wireless) is really impressive. Like WOW it's fast. Battery life. so far not too impressed but too early to say.
-Camera is as good as everyone says it is. however some may hate the post processing and that Samsung tends to exaggerate the saturation of the photos.

Also to fix some performance issues - disable S-Health, S-Voice, Samsung Plus, and you will notice a huge difference in speed!

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