How to Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement with SMS Marketing?

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Many misconceive that communicating through SMS diminishes the personal touch. In reality, it is not so. It is supposedly the best way to engage with the prospects since they get to see the message text instantly. Mobile phones have always been a personal one and still it continues to remain so. Having said that, it is natural for any human being to react to the beep sound instantly. But, the larger question is, how to keep the prospects on toes upon reading the text message? It can happen only personalizing the text. There's no doubt about it.

It's a great thing to note that prospects/customers share the same space in a communication enabler which they generally use it with their close circle. And, brands doing SMS marketing should respect this space. Hence, your communication should be a value addition through which customer engagement has to be fostered meaningfully.

Below, we highlight some of the 4 tips to establish a meaningful connection through SMS marketing.

1. Be real

Whatever be your business, don't stuff the text message with technical jargons. Prospects are more attracted towards friendly and empathetic tones. Don't play with customers’ emotions so intensely. So as to strike a positive note in the emotions of customers, it is better to use a warm and positive note in the text, aptly justifying the reason for them to act on the message text. Ensure that the prospects/customers conceive your message in the manner which you intend to.

Make the customers feel that your communication is genuine, real and demonstrate that your business is unique showcasing your concern for their needs. To the maximum possible extent, educate your customers about the business, products, services, and other unique offerings.

2. Offer a personalized experience.

Don't get lost in the world of technological sophistication thereby missing out the personalization element. With SMS marketing, your objective is to get personal thus ensuring a meaningful customer engagement. To realize this, you should offer a personalized experience to the customer. Get to understand the expectations and needs of your audience, and build the message content in such that your product/service is the only solution. So, that the person on the receiving end experiences a personalized feeling which simultaneously paves way for more engagement. Through personalized experience, you can acquire customers who would no easier disassociate from the brand.

3. Be crisp and precise

Modern age customers don't have ample time to scan through your lengthy text messages. Hence, keep your message text short and simple. A well-defined SMS marketing strategy should outlay the type of text messages that should be used for communication at appropriate junctures. Short texts that offer quick-fix solutions are most preferred. Hence, be articulate in message texts. Cut down on texts that aren't necessary for that particular campaign. Be articulate in your communication in order to stay meaningful in customer engagement. Empathy and warmth are the two flavors that should be contained in your text messages. Do not exaggerate at any cost thereby losing the trust.

4. Be consistent

Consistency in communication is very much important. Just by reading the message texts, your prospects should infer that this particular SMS is triggered by your brand. Send messages is frequent intervals. But that doesn't mean that you ought you trigger your SMS campaign on a daily basis. Build a weekly SMS calendar. Companies that are driving increased customer engagement send at least one message per week. Follow a standard tone and tenor for your communication. Your message text should make your customers convinced at any cost, and this should be the overall objective of SMS communication. You can convince your prospects only when you are consistent in your communication.

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