When Thinking Isn't Necessary


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There has been a lot of attention to a book called “Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. Mr. Gladwell writes about how we can use our instincts for decision making in situations that don’t allow us the time to think deeply.

Most of us have had enough experiences to have a fair idea of the outcome of our decisions. Its time to start trusting ourselves to do what comes naturally in certain situations. Instincts flare up for a reason. Usually, that reason is survival.

While most of the situations that arise in our lives are not a matter of survival, our bodies might react as if they are. Get to know yourself and your physical responses to situations as they arise. If you are “too blessed to be stressed" your blood pressure should agree.

In fact, your body will tell you when you believe your survival is at stake. How exactly do you feel when you arrive at work? When the phone rings? When a certain person approaches? If you feel like something is terribly wrong in any of those scenarios -it probably is!

Its time to get back to what feels right and possibly time to rid yourself of the situations that feel wrong. It is quite possible to be addicted to feeling revved up, excited, and ready for the worst, but your body is not made to sustain those feelings for long.

Find ways to relax. Develop a plan to do the things that you really want to do. Most important, identify the people, places, and things that cause you to feel like something important is at stake. If something is at stake, address it. If not, find a way to let it go. Your body, mind, and spirit will be ever so grateful.

Dr. Yvonne LaMar is the CEO of the Institute for Faith Based Alliance http://www.IFBAweb.com She also presents workshops, trainings and consultations based on her book, Drama Free Workplace http://www.DramaFreeWorkplace.com


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Right Thinking Verses Wrong Thinking
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