Workplace Communication - Simple But Powerful Expert Persuader Technique

Kenneth Little

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Complete connection with every workplace communication is possible when you take time to develop the Expert Persuader Technique. Here are the tools needed to master this persuasion technique.

Good News First

Your first tool in mastering this technique is GNF - Good News First. This calls on you, each time you have to give bad news to a work team member, to begin by giving encouraging feedback first. For example, before telling them they missed a promotion, share positive comments from the selection panel.

Early Agreement in Negotiations

Your negotiations, to get a hostile team member to agree to your workplace communication suggestion, need to begin by selecting three topics on which you already agree.

Get them to say yes to you three times and you will greatly increase the outcome of them then saying yes to the suggestion they were earlier hostile to.

Constant Smiling During All Workplace Communication

A technique long used by the experts in workplace communication, and even by experts in persuasion, is to maintain the highest level of favor with the respondent by smiling all the time.

You will soon get mastery in workplace communication and persuasion as you practice the Expert Persuader Technique by, giving Good News First, getting Early Agreement in Negotiations and lastly, beaming with Constant Smiling.

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