Nine Ideas for Sustainable Team Growth - with Ease!

Martin Haworth

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Those best at delivering and sustaining effortless growth seek for more. They approach achievement with seeking the next level and whilst satisfied, look for more. There is no resting on laurels.

It's an upward spiral of success, leading to even more success. More personal achievement. Better business.

Here are Nine Key Steps you can take to continue to make progress with your business and your team. . .

  1. Don't Ease Off Keeping your eye on the ball is a sporting metaphor that works - you know why that ball the strays off course - you weren't paying attention fully. This happens in business and you are at your most vulnerable when success is coming easily.

  2. Keep Pressure On Slightly different from above. Keeping pressure on, in a positive, supportive, and yet challenging way, is what your people expect of you and thrive upon! They love rising to the challenges, so give your people plenty of them - and have fun too!

  3. Expect More As your people evolve and grow, you have the right to expect more from them. They start to get creative and need your help sometimes to build their confidence. This is where you spend your time these days, facilitating grow in your people, and not fighting the fires. Not any more.

  4. Generate Succession Plans Now you can get real creative. We've been fans here of Succession Planning for years, so start thinking all about what will happen next. Get grooming your next set of key people. Challenge them in a safe place, where there is a bit of control and support available - not when you are desperate and struggling.

  5. Keep Seeking Talent Build on your people skills by maximising your ‘people intelligence’. Through finding out more and more of what makes every one of your people tick (and even those who aren't in your team!), you get to know what challenges they want and will thrive on. Then you have a pool of reserves all ready to step up.

  6. Let Go Ahhh! The tricky bit - delegation with a twist! Your people want permission to do what's expected of them - so give them their head! You have to disentangle yourself from your need to do stuff. Always work on this question. . .

    "What's the least expensive way to do this job?"

    (and it most often won't be you!). Let go - see what happens, with curiosity! Your people and you, deserve it.

  7. Applaud Mistakes People learn by getting things wrong - if they get the right support through it. Like a child falling, with the soothing of an understanding parent, your people will grow as they learn to stand on their own two feet. Nurture that learning!

  8. Take Your Vacations Lead by example and take your breaks - it's good for you and your family. But it means more. It means your people can get you out of their hair a bit and grow in themselves. It is surprisingly freeing to be able to do this. Give them a shot - leave your phone off the hook and as we say next. . .

  9. . . . Show Them You Trust Them They are truly capable people. Expect to be able to go off on vacation or even just on a day off without needing to check on them or them to contact you. You know they'll do their best and yes, maybe a couple of things will go wrong - but hey, remember, that happens to you too!

By showing that they are going for broke for you the culture will shift from a demotivated, moaning hit-on bunch of people to a freed-up, capable, engaged and growth-focused team of fantastic people - all of whom are giving you just the best help in creating a sustainable business for the future.

Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, .

. . . helping you, to help your people, to help your business grow. . .


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