Improve Your Small BusinessThrough the #3 Universal Funnel Law

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Universal Funnel Law #3Every business must have sales. A sales plan along with a sale model or process works to convert prospects into actual sales.

Leo Burnett, a pioneer American in advertising, said “Plan the sale when you plan the ad. ” His comments reinforce that your sales plan must follow your marketing plan. Universal Funnel Law #3 follows these wise words. (Read the #2 Universal Funnel Law at

Sales plans need to start at the top with who is responsible for pricing and profitability. Again, the importance of a strategic business plan once again is evident. Additional analysis may include some of the following questions:

What specific sales strategies will be available?

    How will the sales efforts be supported?

    What customer services will be available?

    How are our sales goals set mutually within the company?

    What communication strategies will ensure a quick response between the sales forces, customer service and the customers?

    Are our sale staff, customer service staff and support staff trained and developed to implement any and all sales strategies?

Also, a good sales plan contains sales directed business objectives. These objectives center around the high performance of the Sales Department and should be reviewed quarterly.

During my 25 plus years in sales and management, one aspect within many sales plans that is ignored is referrals from existing customers. Research suggests that up to 80% of all new sales are from referrals. Hence, sales plans must go beyond satisfied customers to loyal customers.

An effective sales plan is another way to double your business because you are actually working smarter not harder to turn your prospects into loyal customers.

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