Persuading People to Buy - 4 Rules of a Successful Sales Letter

Carol Bentley

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Ever wondered why some businesses seem to be ultra-successful?

The reason is simple; they use powerful marketing secrets to generate more and more sales and they recognise the importance of nurturing their prospects and customers.

One of the ways they do this is through their communication. Any marketing message going into their marketplace is crystal clear and informative, so their prospect and client always feels valued and respected.

You can do this too.

You can get the results you see other successful businesses enjoying. With your marketing message. But, there are so many competing marketing messages; it is difficult to make sure yours stands out from the rest. And, when it does get enquiries or orders, you need to know what’s worked, and why, so you can repeat it.

Writing is a Science…

In fact there is a science to writing adverts and marketing letters that increases your chances of getting the reaction you want.

* Use compelling headlines

* If you are using pictures include an interesting caption and show an action shot, or your product being used by a happy customer or the head & shoulders facing out.

* Write as if you are explaining what you offer to your best friend… in a natural, conversational style.

Obey These 4 Rules in Everything You Write…

1) Seize your prospect’s attention. If you do not ‘stop him in his tracks’, so he takes note of what you are saying, you won’t get a result. That’s your headline’s job. (See my article “Massive Sales - Compelling Headlines Get Results…”)

2) Sustain his interest by focusing on what he will get out of using your product or service. As I said, imagine you are writing to your best friend.

3) Act as the catalyst to action. If your reader does not take favourable action then your advert or letter has failed. Target the people you are writing to (or the publication you are advertising in) and make your offer relevant and the best it can be.

Remember, action only happens if the person is interested in what you’ve got to offer – that’s why targeting is so important; hit the right people with an irresistible offer.

4) Code everything you send out so you know which headline worked best; which content hit-the-hot-spot for your prospect and which offer drew the most attention.

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