The Effectiveness of Selling Process


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Selling isn't an opportunity to manipulate the potential buyer to do what the seller wants, rather than providing the buyer what he wants. If how you sell is without importance to your customers, that means they don't get what they expected.

Remember Walt Disney's saying: “Do what you do so well that people want to bring their friends to see you do it again. " From my point of view, the greatest compliment for a seller is the customer's referral.

If you want your business able to satisfy customers you must pay a special attention to the followings:

  1. How you treat customers.
    Treat them right. They want to feel like valued customers. They want to see that their time and opinions matter. If people cannot trust you to treat them right, then they certainly won't trust you with their money. .

  2. How the buying process is.
    Make it easy and efficient from start to end. Take care if each step provides the answers or help your customers need in order that the process to go smoothly. Be sure they find what they came for.

  3. How fair is your presentation.
    First of all, tell them the truth. No one wants to feel like a sucker or to receive untrue information about prices, delivery dates, or terms of the sale. Even a hint of such treatment kills customers’ willingness to hear you out. If a person feels tricked into buying, he/she won't visit you again.

  4. How every part of selling process work.
    If every part of the process works as an integrated whole, you may consider the customer well served. When the parts are mismatched they scare customers away

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