Are Resumes Vital? Only If You Want A Job


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"I don't need a resume. "

"Resumes don't tell the whole story. The interview is what's important. "

"If somebody rejects me because of a resume, they're not worth my time. "

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

If you're trying to conduct a job search without an absolutely outstanding resume, there's a word to describe you: UNEMPLOYED.

Resumes are vital tools. Yes, you need interviewing skills, job search strategy, and a remarkably excellent cover letter. But without a resume, you won't get an interview, unless it's with a friend of a friend - and maybe not even then. And ladies and gentleman, the interview is the crucial gatekeeper for almost every job out there.

If you don't get the interview, your resume is wallpaper. If you don't get the interview, all those interview skills are worthless. If you don't get the interview, you've wasted your time on the targeted search directed at that particular job.

An interview is your chance to make your resume real. It's a step every job requires you to take. Without a resume, you're locked out.

I understand that writing a resume isn't necessarily the most enjoyable task in the world, but getting the job of your dreams ranks right up there. Your resume is your ticket to be in the running for that job.

So don't whine about having to write a resume, write a great one. And when you get that killer job, adding achievements to your resume can be quite enjoyable indeed!

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