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Often, your business card is the only item left with a potential client or business partner. After a conference, meeting or display of your products, you are likely to meet dozens of people and leave your business card with them. It is essential that the business card design is complex and complete. This means that your logo, name, title and address (including contact details such as phone, fax, e-mail and web site) should all be present. When you are having your business card designed, aim for an image and a “feel" that best represents you and your company. Do not go for a flashy business card design if you are working in the financial field as this might give a feeling of sloppiness and insecurity to your clients.

Adapt the business card design to your clients

It is not important that you like your business card – but it is very important that your business partners and clients like it. Of course, you should always aim to get a business card design that you become attached to, a fact that will give you even more confidence. One useful trick is to print out a few dozen business cards and give them out to potential prospects and conduct an “on the spot" interview about them. Gather their opinions and make any necessary changes to improve your business card design.

Business card printing

If a professional graphic design company created your business card, you can rest assured that they also followed all the necessary guidelines to make the business card printing process a good one. This means that the business card designer saved the files in a format suitable for print (such as a TIF or EPS) and left a bleed area sometimes required by printers. Many advertising and creation agencies also offer business card printing, either with their own printers or by using a dedicated printer’s services to do it. Quite often, a graphic design company will offer you a package for your card: both the design and the business card printing.

Costs of business card printing

Because there are many design and print packages and a variety of prices for business card printing, we will not stop to analyze actual costs. However, the general rules are as follows:

  • Black and white business card printing is the cheapest, but do try to print on high quality paper, or the business cards will look unprofessional.

  • Using 2-3 colors (pluswhite and black) can produce good visual results and is also cheap.

  • Full color business card printing is more expensive, but can also produce some great visual results.

  • The larger your order, the cheaper you get with the individual business card printing cost.

    More information on logo design, business card creation, graphic design tips and other useful resources can be accessed on our website: Business Card Tips

    Author information: Mihai is a successful graphic design company manager, working with a multitude of international clients. Here are more similar resources:

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