10 Tips for Writing a Press Release


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Publicity is the one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. It not only spreads the word about you, your products or services but it helps build credibility. Using these tips will help insure your press release gets in the news.

1. Your press release should sound like news, not an ad.

2. Tell a story and briefly mention your product or service within the body of that story.

3. Keep your press release to one page in length. You take the chance of losing the reader’s interest with anything longer.

4. Use short sentences and double space your lines. White space is a necessity for easy reading.

5. Your header and first couple of sentences should grab the reader’s attention.

6. Proof read your press release for grammar and spelling mistakes several times.

7. Write your press release several days in advance so you can read it a final time after you’ve had some sleep.

8. Only send your press release to media that is related to the topic of your press release.

9. Write a different press release for each new product, service or addition to your company.

10. Stick to facts.

A well-written press release builds credibility. Credibility ensures your customers that you have their best interest at stake. It takes your business to new heights and can drastically increase your sales.

Melody Spier is a work at home mom of two teens and the owner of Ballyhoo Virtual Services a Virtual Assistant business catering to women in business. She specializes in online marketing and promotion with article and press release submissions, blogs as well as many other services. You can contact Melody by visiting http://www.BallyhooVA.com or by email Mel@BallyhooVA.com


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