Quick and Easy Rehearsal Tips

Andrew E. Schwartz

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Never rehearse at the last minute. This creates undue tension and nervousness and does not allow sufficient time for correcting mistakes and polishing delivery. Ideally, the first full auditory rehearsal should take place at least a week before the presentation date and be conducted in undisturbed surroundings. If possible, use the room in which the presentation will be given. If not, use one as similar to it as possible.

Do not forget this important matter. If the presentation runs over in rehearsal, it will do so under actual conditions. Rehearsals tend to compress information, so the presentation itself should always be planned to run just a little under its time limitations. This margin of safety will ensure that the actual presentation will not run over. It is also good psychology to end a little early.

Time each supportive aid to be sure that it is exposed only long enough for full comprehension. Also, time other activities to verify that they fit within the time allotted for the presentation. Furthermore, do not forget to proof-read all handout material in its final form and make sure there will be enough for the anticipated attendance.

These tips should help you to arrive at a finished and polished presentation.

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