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Both the Indian organizations and the overseas customer is often harped upon by cost cuttings. The service providing by many organizations and dedicated employees to perform the tasks of mutually agreed terms of cost and quality. However the basics of competitiveness by India in the space are not often discussed. The Offshore Software Outsourcing is the system of packaging a set of the company’s tasks and with hire of other organizations that situated in different nation to perform the tasks of billable service in IT Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing to India is because of cost and better operating margins for the offshore clients as compared to China and other nations, so the cost and predictable quality would be more consistent. Due to English speaking personnel in IT Outsourcing field for India, it has edge over other nations to do routine work with great competitive price factor. With maintaining this edge India remains predictable and consistent in the place of Software Development backyard and the back office work through out world. A large IT professional pool that have dominance in English language in higher education system help to build India as number one choice for the work of Offshore Software Outsourcing.

The reason why India is able to have such consistency in IT services resources has nothing to do with becoming a super power. By the time the foundation of the two significant systems will battle for most part of the control system. The crown wants to appoint people in the offices of the organizations as a member of the council of India and as an Indian education system.

IT Outsourcing sector by India

Establishment in the IT Outsourcing sector by India, because of some fundamental reasons that help to be a preferred choice for Offshore Outsourcing work and in the BPO sector. The self sustained western education work ethic English based system has remained largely unchanged the offers predictability in the work force for education. It would be too complex and difficult for anybody to change. Because India, china has now realized the significance of using English as their business language in transaction. It would be disadvantage by lower employment cost, but there is system designed to produce predictable people to handle office jobs by Software Outsourcing in English is a supremely advantage.

For the Indians foundation in English language education makes it easier to be a preferred choice for IT Outsourcing and Software Development work from American states and other English speaking nations. The true objective of the government should be to promote European literature and culture in India; today English language has come to stay free in India and with these efforts they can make foundation of permanent position with the English language education system. The great use of mechanization is dawning upon the whole world; so this will eventually lead to the industrial revolution in Software Outsourcing and factory system that rock economy even these days.

So this is the primary reason that even in the IT Outsourcing space we have a very large number of services and Software Development firms. We have largest number of consistency companies, that is five but not a single Information Technology product company. The things are that the way they are trying to change the rules of the game; by innovation and creativity; that cannot be expected from the products of this system. There are no doubts with positive movements in this direction, but it would be a take some time before our education system can produce those personnel.

All the associated values for more than 200 year old system in education has its flip side, the basics of the educational system is producing a work force with obedience. It was propagating by system of governance to make Indians suitable to occupy appropriate positions in the institutions that represent the system. So with that the Indian IT-workers are very good at predictable and carrying out defined activities of Offshore Software Outsourcing.

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Sojitra Chetan, TatvaSoft - Software Outsourcing Company Ahmedabad - India, E-mail: chetan.


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