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Professional Employee Leasing Services a next step with the name of BPO

You might have many questions, and, as there already are so many myths regarding: - a) How these Service Providers work? b) What Quotient of control we are left with, after we hand over our secure data or projects to some BPO House or PEO? c) How much economical it falls on needs? You can find lots of questions regarding do's and don’ts about these services but truth is stranger than fiction as it came out be a blessing for small business houses in U. S, who are inefficient to place highly skilled Software developers just to fulfill there short term needs. Most of the times, it has seen and becomes a matter of worry when for weeks, you have no work and you still pay your employees. As you may need them for future since we all know how much pain, time & cost does it take to place a new employee. Why should we pay someone even when we do not need his/her services? For such employers this PEO/BPO or so-called KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) has become a Midas touch because these organizations serve you with employee(s)until or only when you need them.

It not just cut down overall HR costs & time but also exempt you paying other benefits like Health insurance, Setup maintenance costs which is huge, and in-case we are not happy with any of these virtual employees they immediately provide you a better replacement. Where, as far as qualification and experience is concerned I can bet they provide better talents than ones we interview and recruit ourselves since, these organizations could survive only if we are impressed. That is why most of these famous organizations like “" work 24/7 and have employees who can understand and speak our language (English) nicely.

Dealing with security can perhaps be the one major issue you may be worried about! Since, once you hand over your codes to some far located employee you may get dependent, But as we all know about Citrix RSA (Remote server administration) i. e. how safe and securely work is done over these servers. No matter what they develop remotely, they are proscribed to save it to their local machines, or we can say they are forbidden for any such accessible rights. It helps you to keep full control over your projects. You can even see what is being typed! What else one can ever look for, Despite the only major difference is that employee is located somewhere else, but virtually it is right there, in your own office! Technically, it is called PEO (Professional Employee Leasing Organization) a name similar to KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) OR some call it BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Last time when I met one of my co-employers we discussed a lot about outsourcing and PEO services but the truth is, there is no harm in trying it once as it may help us begin a new business era and who knows in coming days you write your own experiences happily like me. My main motive is to reveal the truth behind the reality. I myself was a bit depressed the way my business was going. Nevertheless, I did not find any risk in using these services especially when some Leasing company is offering a free 15-day introductory trial. A USA based employee leasing company(, they help you setting up every thing from scratch even if you are technically a rookie as I was and help you quite nicely to understand every thing.

I really owe them a lot, as it has been a year I am using there services continuously and I already have saved more than I could have earned in years.

Stephen Seinfeld is running a small-scale software company in Texas, also a business strategist and branding expert with Herald Group.


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