Be a Networking Leader-Show Them the Mirror

Dina Giolitto

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Do you want to be a networking leader who's loved and respected. . . or one that's loathed and feared? If you answered yes to answer A, then it's time you started showing people the mirror.

Show them the mirror, what's that mean? It means thinking of other people's egos before your own. Because, after all, that's what really secure people do.

"Showing them the mirror" is basically this: when someone looks at you, reflect them back at themselves. Showing the mirror means remembering small details about people in your networking travels. . . and bestowing heartfelt compliments whenever you can.

The fact is, folks are dragging their weary selves around, trying to look chipper and wondering if they're worth a flying fart or if it's all an illusion or what. If you want to be a good leader, it's your job to remind them of their worthiness. So next time you want to sing and shout your own praises, don't do it. Even if you accomplished something unbelievably great. . . keep it to yourself for now. Just feel happy and peaceful, alone with your personal victory. . . for a little hush of a moment.

Then, take that happy and secure feeling bubbling up inside of you, and use it to help someone else. And hold up the mirror to whomever is standing there before you awaiting their due recognition. Say something like, “I remember the time you said (whatever they said), that was AWESOME!" -and MEAN it!

What would you rather be. . . that person who is known for making others feel good, or that braggart who got everyone's knickers in a crimp and quickly fled the scene?

When someone steps up and starts puffing out his peacock feathers on a forum, it's irritating. You know this marketer, he flounces in, makes a big racket and hurries away to go brag at some other group. He's very declasse, and you do not want to be like him!

As you develop your leadership skills, think about the humble newbie. Remember that he or she doesn't always have the greatest confidence. But YOU, dear marketing leader, do! So when those little newbie marketers look your way with the star-struck eyes full of marketing dreams. . .

Show them the mirror.

If I had a little internet mirror, I would put it up in this article. That way, when you looked at me, you'd see yourself. And then when you thought of me, you'd think of yourself. And when you thought of yourself, you'd think of me. And that's a happy association that can only mean good things down the road. . . for you, and me.

You see?

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