The ROI of Networking


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Networking is important. In fact, Networking is pivotal to one’s business growth.

By definition, Networking is the reciprocal process of exchanging ideas, opportunities, experiences, information, knowledge & expertise that w ill enhance our professional & personal lives - possibly contributing exponentially in return to the effort investment.

Through the system of Networking, we achieve the potential of knowing the ‘right’ people (contacts or ‘guan xi’ in China) and for the ‘right’ people who will know us.

If we examine our own experiences, we may realise that most times, we prefer to do business with those whom we know, whom we trust. We can know and develop trust thru the active action of networking. This is why building a good network will prove invaluable.

Another view of networking is that it allows us to gather new knowledge, new skills, new expertise from people with the intimate & specialized knowledge. As quoted from ‘The Secrets of Savy Networking’ by Susan Roane: ‘The closest thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it. (Powerful people have linkages that are plentiful, diverse and expansive – and are able to get things done because of those linkages. )’

We all have an innate need to communicate, an innate need to commune. Networking is that process & opportunity that provides for us to know each other better so as to form a close-knit community that co-operates & help each other.

In Business, it helps in closing deals, finding resources or testing strategies.

In Career, it helps in finding the desired jobs fro m the desired companies.

What is Effective Networking ? Now, some may think that networking may be easy - just socialize, chit chat, small talk over coffee, beer, wine. Such viewpoints are not right especially if one wants to achieve specific objectives – then how effective the networking would be would depend on a number of key factors. The individual networking skills, how one communicate also plays an essential role.

Every contact that we meet is important. Every time we meet someone – it happen at the same place & time for both parties. While each encounter may not specifically meet our networking objectives, how we expand & enhance each encounter would be important.

Just as important is the setting, venue, ambience where the networking takes place. Choosing the right dedicated organizer with the right program & organization would definitely serve in enhance our encounters.

Think about it. Networking is an investment. It is an investment of our money, time & effort. If we consider the ROI of networking – then we may want to seriously consider how we network, where we network to increase our effective networking returns

By: Kevin Yeow Strategic Network Synergy International (SNSI)


Kevin Yeow is a dynamic & influential professional specializing in Business Networking, Sales & Marketing, Business Development & Strategies, Public Speaking and Technology.

He has founded SNSI working with clients & partners worldwide. He is also a visionary, advocating for a new system for quicker response in today's market.

Kevin has formerly worked for Motorola (Fortune 500), WH Brady (NYSE) - been instrumental in their growth!



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