5 Reasons why Printing Postcards Is an Effective Marketing Strategy

Bruce Markey

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With the invention of telephone and internet, people hardly write letters to each other anymore. Yet, we often see our mail boxes filled with postcards and mails from various companies. Just give it a thought. In times like these where people don’t even consider writing letters and posting mails, why are business organizations still printing and sending out postcards to customers? The answer is quite simple. It’s because they still work! Direct mail marketing is one of those evergreen marketing techniques that will never get irrelevant with them or go outdated. Businesses still value postcard printing and consumers still can’t deny that they don’t read them. So what’s the reason behind their success and how did postcards manage to come so far? We have listed out the 5 most important reasons why postcard printing is still a strong marketing technique.

1. Measurable
Any business would hesitate to keep investing on a marketing or advertising campaign without knowing its success rate. The impact, the campaign makes is always supposed to be measurable to decide on the amount of investments that must be made on the subsequent campaigns. Postcards generate excellent measurable values to know the leads generated and number of customers reached. This way a plan can be rolled out to print for the subsequent campaigns.

2. Effective
Postcards are always noticed because they are concise and direct. They are always to the point and not pages together of information like booklets or catalogues. In addition, they do not come with envelopes or wrapping paper. This feature makes them more noticeable and direct. With effective writing and eye catching designs, business make sure to convey their message in just three to four lines which the consumer won’t refuse to read. Because it is just three to four lines!

3. Cost Effective
Postcards are also cost effective and save a lot of money for the organization printing them. It is said to be the most cost-effective targeted marketing technique, as it does not cost much to print a card. If printing services who print in bulk are hired to do the job, it turns out to be much more cost effective. Also, these service providers take the responsibility of mailing individual customers, ensuring a speedy delivery. They also save your time and money on getting mailing permits and paying annual mailing fees to the United States Postal Service (USPS).

4. Flexibility
This is another impressive feature of postcards that make them such a desirable marketing tool. These cards can be printed in different sizes and generally, the larger ones tend to stand out of the crowd and grab more attention. Also, they necessarily don’t have to be a promotional tool every time. They can be printed and circulated as informational cards, invites, coupons and more.

5. High Impact
In addition to being attention grabbing, postcard printing is also considered to create a high impact on generating leads and getting valuable feedback. If the written content and design is planned such that it generates a response from the consumer, a business organization can measure its campaign’s success and build a strong customer base.

With impressive designs and powerful written content that are both engaging and informative, postcard printing can go a long way and keep helping businesses in their target marketing strategies.

This Article was written by Julian Short. Visit our site at http://salesandmarketingblog.net/ and http://salesandmarketingblog.net/category/marketing/ for more details.

This Article was written by Julian Short. Visit our site at http://salesandmarketingblog.net/ and http://salesandmarketingblog.net/marketing/ for more details.


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