Real Estate Marketing -- How to Use the Media to Your Advantage

Brandon Cornett

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Public Relations is often the forgotten tool of real estate marketing. Unfortunate, because with an effective PR program, real estate agents can generate more exposure than with traditional advertising, and for a fraction of the cost.

Even better, PR brings additional credibility due to its third-party nature. Which would you be more inclined to believe . . . a paid advertisement, or an article written by an editor or journalist?

Here are some PR tips that can help you round out your marketing program:

1. Build relationships with your local media. Develop yourself as their “go to" guy or gal for real estate expertise and commentary.

2. Conduct home buying seminars in your area. When the seminars become popular, invite your local media to attend. At the least, send them a press release about it. Get some quotes from happy attendees and include them in your release.

3. Is there a weekend “Homes" show in your area? In Austin, Texas, we have “Hot on Austin, " a Saturday program about homes for sale in the area. Hunt down the editors and producers of your local program. Pitch yourself as an expert on local real estate conditions, and strive to build a relationship with them. Send them relevant news and articles from time to time.

4. Publish articles online to position yourself as an expert. Find out what key phrases your target audience is searching on the Internet, and then publish articles focuses on those key phrases. Save time and increase your coverage by using article distribution websites.

Public relations can strengthen your real estate marketing program with credibility and targeted exposure – and for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. But only the patient and persistent need apply. PR takes time and effort, but the lasting results are well worth the effort.

Brandon Cornett has worked as a marketing manager for a direct mail company serving real estate agents since 1986. He now dedicates his time to helping real estate professionals improve their marketing. His Modern Guide to Real Estate Marketing and his free newsletter are available at:


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