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A great way to get your name around town is to ask a few bar and restaurant owners if they would use your placemats or drink coasters if you supplied them for free.

Free placemats and coasters are not a tough sell and think about the number of people that would read your placemat or notice a well designed coaster, if you were to make a deal with a restaurant or two.

For the placemat, just an advertisement could be unappealing to the restaurant owner. So, do a list of fun local facts or some clean jokes and make yourself the sponsor.

For coasters, some great artwork is all that's needed. It can usually be a blatant ad as long as it looks good.

Paper placemats and coasters are inexpensive and you will usually be able to get quite a large quantity produced without a large outlay of cash. You can spend a few afternoons meeting with restaurant and bar owners and your campaign is on it’s way.

With the quantity of placemats and/or coasters you can produce inexpensively, this campaign should have a life of six months to a year or more. It’s a great return on investment for your advertising dollar and a great way to get your name around town.

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