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Any business that does not give customers VIP service will be out of business before they realize it. One of my clients went to buy a new car from a local dealer she knew personally through the business community. She called ahead to explain what she wanted but, when she got there he kept her waiting. He did not have the make she requested, and suggested she check back with him tomorrow. She did, and did again the following day, and the day after that. Three days later he told her he could get the model she wanted in six weeks, but only if she chose a different color. She contacted another dealership. Within an hour, they had located the car she wanted in the color she wanted. They even offered to pick it up for her and they offered her a better price, with better financing, with a friendly customer service attitude and the efficiency she was looking for.

The second car dealership got her business because it was responsive to her needs, the staff treated her with respect, and made her priority their priority. Customers today expect a quick response, personal accommodation for their particular situation, and a little something extra in appreciation for their business. In essence they want youto make their life easier.

Are you doing that for your clients? Look at your business. Here are some ideas to attract more business with less effort, by making things easier for your clients and prospective clients.

Be Persistent
Surprising to many, most business people appreciate persistence. It shows them that their potential business is important to you and gives them the sense that you will respond quickly to their needs.

Do It For Them
Always ask your clients what you can do for them. Doing more than is expected makes their life easier. Use the phone, the fax, and email as often as possible. Go to their office to make appointments more convenient for them. Offer to call and order lunch. If they tell you they are swamped, have everything picked up and delivered. Make them, not just their business, your priority.

Use Urgency to Your Advantage
When someone tells you they need something quickly, make them feel good, don't make them feel guilty. Often, when people call with an immediate need, they are made to feel that their request is an inconvenience, that any help they might receive is a big favor and a burden. The truth of today's marketplace is that everyone wants everything yesterday. Keep and beat the time frames your clients request to keep them coming back time after time, singing your praises.

Discover Their Other Needs and Help Fill Them
One of the things my coaching and corporate clients appreciate is the large network I have cultivated because I can draw resources to fill all their needs. I have made referrals for a graphic designer, an accountant, a therapist, an image consultant, a computer programmer. Find out what your clients need by asking simple questions that can make a significant difference. “What else are you looking for right now?" “What else do you need?" “Anything else I can help you with?" “What else can I do to make your life easier?" Ask and you shall know the answers.

Share Innovative Information
Stay abreast of what is going on in the industries your clients care about. Whenever you become aware of a new product, service, or an idea that might make a difference for your clients, let them know. This tells them you are thinking about them, and that you care and want to make their life easier.

To attract clients who want to give you business, create great word of mouth. It is still the world's most valuable and most sought after marketing tool. The easiest way to create great word of mouth for your business is to make things easier for your clients. Amaze them so that they tell everyone about you. Do these things and watch your business grow.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC coaches entrepreneurs and direct sellers to be innovative in their thinking and action in order to succeed with ease. She is a sought after speaker, master certified coach and author of the national best-seller Learn to Power Think. Caterina is also the Success Center Director for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance and contributing author to the soon to be released book Build it Big-101 Secrets of Top Direct Selling Experts. Caterina can be reached by email at" for personal and business success articles and a beautiful, colorful downloadable daily inspiration card.


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