Does Your Marketing Plan Include A Crystal Ball? It Should

Debbie LaChusa

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Are there times you wish you had a crystal ball?

If you could only see how things were going to turn out, it would be so much easier to make the correct decisions now.

What marketing activities should you do? How much should you spend on marketing? What products and services should you put the most marketing muscle behind?

Instead we're forced to make decisions on a daily basis, hoping those decisions will lead us to where we want to go and make our business successful.

Well, there is a way you can use the power of a future vision to help you reach your goals

There is a way to help you make decisions along the way and increase the chances your business will end up exactly where you want it to be - abundant with clients and wildly successful.

You can do it by using visioning to cement your desired outcome in your mind, just like the picture you'd see in a crystal ball. The best part is, YOU create the picture!

It's called visioning and it works!

Visioning is a powerful exercise. If you're not familiar with it, or you've never done it, I invite you to try it.

If you are familiar with visioning, when's the last time you sat down and envisioned the success you want to create with your business?

If it's been more than six months, I encourage you to sit down and go through the process again.

Give it a try . . . you'll be amazed at the results

I invite you to sit back, relax and create the vision for your future success.

First, read the rest of this article, then sit back and close your eyes. Answer each of the following questions. Don't just answer them verbally or on paper. Answer them by “seeing" the answers in your mind.

If it helps, record your own voice, asking these questions, then do your visioning exercise as you play back the recording.

Be sure to create a vivid vision of your future success. Paint this picture however YOU want it to be. It's your future. It's your business. It's your life. Make it what YOU want it to be. Don't be afraid to dream BIG!

Here we go:

Fast-forward in your mind to exactly one year from today. (Okay, I know that sounds a little weird, but just play along . . . this stuff really works!)

Visualize what your business looks like.

Think back to all you've accomplished over the past year.

What successes have you had?

What does your office or place of business look like? Picture it inside and out . . . the location, the furniture, the view out your window.

How many clients do you have? Are they happy? Are they sending you raving testimonials? Are they referring all their friends?

What products and services are you selling? Which ones are most popular? How many are you selling each month?

What new knowledge and capabilities do you have? How are you using it to help others and to be successful?

How much are your weekly bank deposits? What's the balance on your bank statement? How much money is pouring in from your online store?

How many hours a week are you working? Are you tired? Are you full of energy? Are you happy? Fulfilled? How are your relationships with your family and friends?

What kind of car are you driving? What does your house look like? Have you taken any big vacations? Done anything else memorable? What else do you see?

Soak it all in. It's really here. You've worked hard for the past year but you've achieved your dream.

You are a success!

When you are done . . .

Remain quiet for a few minutes. Then open your eyes. Take a few minutes to write down what you saw. Then keep this written vision statement handy. It's great to be able to pull it out and read it, especially when things don't seem to be going your way.

Take the time to review it monthly, or even every couple of weeks. This vision becomes a magnet, pulling you toward the success you want to create.

It will cause you to do things to turn your vision into reality. It's actually quite amazing how it works. And the best part is it doesn't take much time and it doesn't cost anything.

I invite you to try it and see how far your business grows.

(C) Copyright 2005 Debbie LaChusa

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