How To Kick Your Marketplace (And Your Prices) Up A Notch!

Craig Garber

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Sometimes all you need is a simple “shift" in your thinking and that missing “link" you've been needing, all of a sudden appears, clear as day.

Here's what I mean: A common problem I see with clients of mine, especially my consulting clients - - is that they've got a “decent" product. . . “decent" marketing. . . but their target audience is slightly “off" a bit.

And the thing is, even if you've got an AWESOME product. . . and AWESOME marketing. . . if your target marketplace isn't spot on. . .

You're Always Going To Be Sucking Wind And Struggling!

So here's a brief example of what I mean: Let's say you're selling some kind of accessory that truly improves the quality of a children's outdoor sporting activities, giving them a better experience.

At $19.95, you're selling enough so you're not “losing" anything, but when it comes down to it, you've got little to nothing left over for yourself.

Now what if you make some minor adjustments to your thing-a-ma-jig. . . and you changed your marketing. . . and instead of selling this to 8 to 14 year-old boys. . .

You start selling this “new" product to adult men who play softball, at a very feasible $79.95!

Seems like a better idea, right?

So take a look at what you're actually selling.

Can you kick your marketplace up a notch without too much effort?

If you think about it, I bet you can.

Now go sell something!

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