A Look at Fabric Mural Pop-up Trade Show Displays


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With the upcoming new year comes new technology. Even though there have been very few major innovations in the exhibit industry since the advent of the portable pop-up display, we at OneSource Exhibits are the first to test new technologies and determine their worthiness. The fabric mural pop-up is one of those advances we have been very impressed with. The fabric pop-up has been around for a few years, but the quality of the graphics has never, until now, rivaled the quality of ink jet or Lambda graphics. With major technological advances in fabric materials and dye-sublimation printing, resolution has taken a dramatic leap while costs have steadily dropped.

The fabric mural pop-up display has the look and feel of a traditional photo mural panel pop-up, with less than half the weight, a faster set-up time, and more cost savings. Any graphic image can be printed on a fabric mural through a high-tech dye sublimation printing process. The fabric mural is one piece that spans the full display. Without any seams to line-up and any panels to put in place, length and width of the fabric mural pop-up easily sets-up in one step, graphics and all. Most 10 foot fabric mural displays fit into one shipping case that can also be converted into a counter with a total weight of around 40 lbs. , less than half the weight of most 100 lb. 10 foot pop-ups. Curved 10 foot pop-ups are available as well as straight backwall displays; both having large format graphics that will make a huge impact at any show.

The fabric mural pop-up display is definitely the choice for exhibitors who need a fast, lightweight display with a single graphics message to present at trade shows and events. Call one of our Exhibit Consultants today at 800-767-8225 for a no obligation demonstration of our fabric mural pop-up.

Gabriel McIntosh
Marketing Director
OneSource Exhibits
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