Sacred Marketing Rule Chopped to Pieces by Multi-Millionaire Kung Fu Master

Ben Settle

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As savvy business people know, often times doing the exact opposite of what your competitors are doing gives you a strong tactical advantage in business.

Recently, I ran across one of the best examples of this I've ever seen. In fact, if I hadn't seen this with my own two eyes. . . and if it wasn't being done by someone who's raking in millions of dollars per year. . . I probably wouldn't have even stopped to consider what he's doing. Maybe I would even have written him off as some idiot who doesn't have a clue.

(As it turns out - it was I who didn't have a clue!)


What I'm about to show you breaks one of the most iron-clad, set-in-stone “rules" of direct response marketing.

The guy doing this is Matt Furey.

And he loudly and boldly proclaims in his “return policy" all sales are final. . . and he will NOT give you a refund.

And not only that - but he actually takes his reason for doing this - and turns it around to make his stuff MORE appealing and valuable in the process. Spinning this “fault" into a pretty compelling reason to actually buy his stuff.

If you take a minute and read his fascinating return policy at: you will see just one of many reasons I study Matt Furey's stuff in microscopic detail. And why I am always recommending other marketers and copywriters do, too.

Who'd ever have thought there was actually a lesson to learn in reading a return policy? Go figure.

Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter's Cheat Sheet" - which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else.

You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at


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