How to Produce a Demo Video that Sells


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You want to make sure you leave a lasting image on the minds of the “hiring” companies. They may not hire you immediately and it may be months down the road, but if you put together a professional and entertaining video clip that portrays you as an expert in your field, then they will remember you!

  • Have a “comfortable and “warm” background setting

  • Your demo video should always show you speaking within the first minute or so of the video; you want to catch the audience and the energy they are generating such as clapping, laughing, listening carefully and possibly jotting down notes

  • Your first anecdote or presentation needs to be the most important thing you have; you only have 2-3 minutes to WOW the attention of the “hiring” company (meeting planners, associations, organizations, and groups)

  • Show yourself open on the platform; don’t “hide” behind anything

  • Energy is the toughest thing to capture on film; create energy with your body movements (use the stage fully) and pitch your voice firmly

  • Try to tape the type of audience that you enjoy the most to work with

  • When taping make clear what you are an expert on and use your best stories

  • Show your excitement about the topic you are speaking on

  • Use a little humor

  • Tape at least 6 -10 minutes long

  • Keep any one-on-one interviews short

  • Avoid taping empty seats or things that may be distracting

  • Use music underneath your presentation to add energy

    Your video tape / CD / DVD cover

  • Packaging: should be very attractive with a full-length picture of the speaker

  • Top: the title / topic of your program should appear notably

  • Middle: leave a blank space reaching to the bottom - this is where you will attach an eye-catching label with your contact information

  • Bottom: the speaker's name should go across the bottom of the cover

  • Back: list 3 or 4 of your best testimonials - keep them brief

    Wendi McNeill is owner of Charli Jane Speaker Management Services. She provides professional and affordable virtual business support to authors, consultants, public speakers, coaches, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and meeting planners, assisting them with representation, mentoring, marketing, and administration. Subscribe to Call for Speaker Proposals and sign up for her monthly ezine at you can also email Wendi at

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