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Being familiar with your competitors is a valuable tool when you decide it's time for a new logo. Normally, your company will be competing directly against companies similar to yours; sometimes the competition will be much larger than you, and other times your company will be striving to beat out other small businesses. Regardless of whom you will be competing against, it's important to think about where you want to position your company in your market.

For example, a lawn care company may want to position themselves as the affordable, reasonably priced alternative that offers just what you need with no nonsense, or perhaps you will decide you want your coffee shop to be very specialized and target higher income customers that demand more. On the other hand, you may want your real estate agency to focus on local residents in your community rather than people moving from out-of-state.

Considering these things can go a long way when it comes time to design your logo. Decide where you want to fit in the competition. Do you want your company to look ready to go head to head with competitors by looking mainstream, established and competent, or would you rather stand out by being unique, specialized and exciting?

These ideas and messages can be portrayed through good logo design, so it's important to let your designers know where you want to fit in your particular market. Doing so will help the designers see the same vision you have for your company, and you will be surprised how words that describe your company can be portrayed visually. A fitting logo will help you as you prepare to position yourself against tough competitors.

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