How to Create a Newsletter that Works - Part 2


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When trying to decide whether a newsletter is the way to go there are four elements you must consider that are critical to its success; they are commitment, cost, frequency and size.

The first thing to consider when starting a newsletter is whether you and your staff can commit to this initiative over the long run, which also includes supporting it financially. Make certain that everybody involved is on board from the beginning and that once started you continue to publish it for a minimum period of time. You want people to become familiar with your newsletter and turn into loyal readers. This takes time and consistency. Starting one and then deciding to stop after a few issues may suggest to your readers a lack of commitment in other areas of your business.

Frequency and Size
What is the best frequency for sending newsletters? If you send something too often or make it too large, you may be hard pressed to find enough relevant content for each issue. It is better to produce a smaller newsletter (two to four pages) more frequently than a larger publication at further intervals. Publish the newsletter frequently enough without overdoing it. Many newsletters are published with too much time elapsing between issues giving customers more of an opportunity to forget about your firm when they are looking for your type of service or product.

The cost of producing a newsletter varies greatly and depends on a number of factors. Online and emailed versions cost a lot less because there are no printing fees, but if you don’t have an in house communication department you will still have the costs related to hiring a writer and/or designer.

If producing a print version, factors such as: paper stock, artwork, photographs, and colour versus black and white, should be considered; as well as quantity of distribution.

You can circumvent the cost of publishing the newsletter by either printing articles from outside sources (with written consent) or by soliciting other companies to advertise in it. The internet also has a myriad of e-zines that supply free or nominally feed content in a vast array of topics.

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