5 Low Cost, Easy to Implement Ideas for Raising Your Profile as a Consultant

Beverley Hamilton

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1. Give Presentations - offer to speak at local networking events, local business groups or events where your target market “hangs out" Speak on topics that are pertinent to your target market and which give value to them in solving a problem, inspiring them to take action or inform and educate them.

2. Write Articles - find publications that your target market reads and offer to write articles for them. This will help not only raise your profile to a wider audience but also help create a higher level of credibility as people will see you as a specialist in your field.

3. Post to Online Networking Groups - become an active contributor to forums, blogs and discussion groups and give your opinion, raise questions and create conversations with like minded people.

4. Organise and Lead Events - events that have a point be it education, relationship building or social can bring together your target audience and as the organiser and or facilitator you again have the opportunity to contribute what you do and how you do it in a different forum

5. Write a Newsletter - some say newsletters are going out of fashion. I believe a well written, focused newsletter delivered on a regular basis which isn't a covert sales pitch adds value to it's readers and creates an ongoing relationship with current and potential clients and offers information and insight of value.

In all of these channels to raise your profile there are 3 things to remember

1. Do not use it as a blatant sales pitch

2. Be genuine and authentic in your approach

3. Do it on a regular basis for the most impact

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