Executive Coaching An Overview

Dominick Borzomati

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Today the growing pressures of competition continuously fuel the demand for more effective business leaders. It is their responsibility to set the tone and style for the organization, for effecting cultural shifts to meet changing values and expectations. To accomplish this, leaders must themselves change and be prepared to continue to change.

There is a common assumption that those who reach board level no longer need personal development; in fact this is seldom the case. Unfortunately, personal growth opportunities for people at this level are rare.

Executive coaching is a process through which executives are helped to improve their performance and personal effectiveness while reducing stress. Participation in an executive coaching program offers the rare opportunity to stand back and to take a fresh look at the experiences and assumptions of a lifetime. Executive coaching; Facilitates the identification of inner resources; Targets growth areas; Promotes a healthy balance between career and personal life; Reveals the need to learn new behaviors to enhance performance; Challenges underlying beliefs and values.

Typically the coach offers direction and assistance but the choice rests with the individual. It is he or she that discovers the self-knowledge, which forms the foundation for continued growth. The coach has no internal links with the company and therefore can be freely confided in. The coach can have the roles of supporter, co-creator, political confidant and skills developer. Advantages of using an executive coach include, independence, impartiality, objectivity, wide knowledge and experience.

Coaching helps people have clarity and well-ordered priorities. It can give them confidence in their position because they have been helped to think matters through thoroughly. The coaching process can be used to identify what skill-sets the executive needs to develop for the next stage in his or her career and what resources or actions are needed in order to achieve this. The coach also brings experience of similar situations from other businesses. While people like to think that their problems are unique, they rarely are, and bringing another industry perspective can be refreshing and enlightening.

Executive coaching is often the best way for an individual and organization to fully grasp the “frustration” of change in today’s ever more demanding business environment. The process of hiring and Executive Coach is highly personal. Your decision must be based on trust and commitment. Only when both are established can the relationship begin to move forward in a positive and successful direction.

The author is a seasoned, accomplished, mission focused Executive with proven capabilities in finance, planning, product development, and management expertise. His background includes a blend of skills and experiences, acquired over a diverse and successful career. In 1968 he served as VP Budgeting & Planning for Merrill Lynch & Co. , In 1977 he joined Smith Barney & Co. , as Vice President, Assistant to the President, where his responsibilities included overview of strategic planning. In 1979 he founded Holiday Airlines Inc. , In 1989 Holiday Airlines was recognized by The Business Journal of New Jersey as one of New Jersey’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies. In 1993 Mr. Borzomati founded DWB & Associates a consulting firm specializing in reengineering of process, change, product development, business development, business / strategic planning. Mr. Borzomati holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. He has experience in Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Airlines / Aviation, Brokerage, Restaurants and Professional Corporations.


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