Structure + Boundaries = Freedom

Joanne Victoria

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Workplace boundaries will prevent you from reacting to others’ interference and getting angry at their disturbances.

No matter what size your business is, you need to set boundaries and provide structure to your workday. You determine your schedule, not your clients or vendors. If you decide your day starts at 9:30 AM, then don't answer the phone or turn on the computer until then.

Start the day with a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Break-the-fast like a king or queen. Don't forget the protein. Take frequent breaks during the day to give your brain cells a rest. Schedule in exercise for the body as well as relaxation for the brain.

Leave your office for lunch at least 3 workdays per week. It's much too easy to work through lunch, eat at your desk and ignore your personal needs.

Don't forget those evening meetings, whether networking or classes. Allow time to leave work, home office or a job, revitalize yourself, and be ready for these events.

If you work with others, learn to close your door or put a “Do Not Disturb" sign on your cubicle. It's difficult to concentrate when constantly interrupted. If you allow full access to co-workers, clients or vendors, you may wind up being angry or over-reactive to minor infractions.

The telephone works three ways: you can pick it up, hang it up or not touch it at all. Have voice mail or an answering service. Listening to incoming calls on an answering machine will only prove a distraction. Should I or shouldn't I answer that? OK, I'll pick it up. It's never as important as you think.

If you are working on a project, give it one hour of effort at a time. Check messages and decide the importance and urgency of these calls. Then decide if you need more protein. Athletes are not the only people who require constant nourishment. Using your brain is exhausting, but has never been given enough credibility.

Don't get ‘stuck’ on-line. If part of your marketing is focused on the Web with e-mail newsletters or similar marketing tools, hire someone to do the updates for you. If you value your time and have set a dollar figure for Web-update time, you can see the wisdom in having a less expensive individual perform this function. Use an employee, student, independent contractor or virtual assistant.

It's too easy to sit in front of the computer and get lost when that time could be better spent writing or going for a walk. Take care of yourself, first!

Mornings are best for detail work. The mind is refreshed and capable of high functioning. It's best to return phone

calls in the afternoon, especially if they are non-urgent. Critical thinking is best done in the morning. Delegate all your non-essential tasks. The more structure you have in your work, the more freedom you have.

As a last item, learn to say no. Say no to anything that does not fit into your annual plan and your goals. The purpose of creating your plan is to determine what you really want to do. If a request comes for a volunteer or paid situation that does not fit into your plan, just say no.

Saying ‘no’ is difficult for many people, especially if they are just discovering their boundaries.

Remember - always take care of yourself first!

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