Commitment: A Door to Open


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Is commitment something you gain on the way, or do you need it right from the start?

Many projects and business activities fail because of a lack of commitment. Some of these activities stop halfway others near the end – when most commitment is needed – and others do not even get really started. It´s all in the emotion around it. People can be sceptic at first, they are insecure (I know I am) and they wait what others do before they step in.

Even in personal relations you cannot do without commitment. Or put it another way; personal relations are relations because of the commitment. You said ´yes´ at one point at time. It is possible that commitment fades away down the road. But this is another topic. Any relation starts after commitment.

Commitment is not something you gain over a period of time. You need it at day one. Project managers know this and the first step they take in accepting (an existing or new) project is to check the commitment as part of an intake. They know whether a project is viable or not.

What you should never do is, if you reckon that there is no commitment, try and pull or push in the hope you will receive it soon. You should rather start with it. Commitment is like a door that should open. And if it doesn’t you have a problem. This is where sales comes in. Sales representatives know how to deal with this aspect. They might give something away to let you feel good. After which the barrier should fall. The door gets open, and you are a guest, welcome to come in.

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