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I began my venture into cyber space having some knowledge about computer but I didn't know a thing about the Internet.

One of the very first things I learned soon was that the Internet can be a very lonely and impersonal world. When I started surfing the net, nobody told me what's about. The main rule was learning by doing. Me alone in front of a computer screen hour after hour, day after day, reading, all kind of things I had the chance to see.

My first thought was to find minded people and to establish contacts with. Getting advantage of others experience and expertise, networking with advanced people have been the best Internet practices since the beginning of time.

I was a firm believer in networking very soon. Some of my networkingpals accepted to trade links. Well, this was the first important discovery I made, the fact that link means traffic, visitors, sales, money, success. We can spend a day talking about links and about the ways they help a business. Like a magic wand they push traffic from the linking site to mine and they allow higher rankings on some search engines and directories.

The second big discovery was the newsletter. I learned that best way to target the audience is to publish an ezine. An email newsletter can keep your name in front of clients and prospective clients and build their loyalty At the same time, an ezine will spread the word about your services.

The third discovery was writing articles. They made a name for myself as an expert in marketing and added value to my business. On the other hand they drive a traffic to my sites due the links included in the resource boxes.

Valerian Dinca is a freelance writer specialized in internet marketing. He thinks that every body has skills for starting a home business


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